Saturday, July 12, 2008

From Philippines to here.....

In celebration of Philippine Independence Day, the Filipino-American Social Club (FASC) of Hernando County Florida commemorated the special event in honor of our nation. Even though we are not anymore in our own native land and some of us chose to become America citizens, but in our heart, mind and soul will always remain of who we are and where we come from.

In order to introduce some of our traditional cultures, two of the young ones presented the Tinikling Dance. A pair of dancers hopping between two bamboo poles held just above the ground struck together in harmony with the music. It is considered to be our national folkdance originated from Leyte province. This dance imitates the movement of “tikling birds” hopping over trees, grass stems or over bamboo traps set by farmers.

At the end of the performance, the dancers of FASC invited the audience to try dancing. Guess what? Most who came up in the front were Americans! But nobody’s foot got caught in the poles.

Another dance presented was the “Pandanggo sa Ilaw”. Yours truly is one of the dancers. The word pandanggo comes from Spanish dance “fandango” portrayed with lively steps and clapping while following a varying ¾ beat. Originated from Lubang Island of Mindoro, this dance traditionally requires excellent balancing skill to maintain the stability of three oil lamps, placed on the head and at the back of each hand. But since we are not professionally trained, we decided to dance with only two candles in the glass each and placed it on our palm. Close to the end of the sequence, it was the part when our partners are placed with a glass on their head, while slowly dancing at a twirling movement. Good thing I didn’t have to do it! But fortunately, no glass was dropped on the floor.

This coming July 27, we are invited to present this dance again. I guess we’re going to be super stars soon! Just kidding…

Sto. Nino Visited Spring Hill, FL

A filipina friend of ours (Tita Rita) who lives in New Jersey usually comes down here in FL during the winter months and fly back when spring is over. She’s one of those whom they called the “Snow Birds”.

She is one among the devotees of Sto. Nino (Infant Jesus), the “holy child of Cebu”. Although she is not originally from Cebu City, but she devout the miraculous child.

When she came here in America for good, she brought with her the statue of Sto. Nino along with the Lord of Pardon and Blessed Mother Mary. She then started inviting other Filipinos to join in group praying. And she offered the families that they are welcome to sponsor if they have the desire of the Sto. Nino to come to their homes. Traditionally, the saint stays every house for seven (7) days. Performing the daily prayers, as embodied in the prayer guides.

Last winter, she decided to bring the holy child down here in Spring Hill and had visited, stayed at few households already. But not only for a week but a family can keep Him for a month. Several Filipinos here wanted to have the saint, so Tita Rita made a monthly schedule for those who want to sponsor.

With God’s grace, I got a chance to have the Holy Child here in our home last June. It was a great pleasure and I felt honored that I was able to keep Him for the whole month. I put Him in our bedroom on my own altar with the Lord of Pardon and the Blessed Mary. But it didn’t take long and it was time for Him to leave. Last Sunday, I finally took Him to the next sponsoring family. Viva Sr. Sto. Nino!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

August Feast

In about three weeks, it’s going to be the month of August—the hottest month of the year. And it is the month that Bond family is looking forward to for a Watermelon feast in Oriental, North Carolina.

David’s uncle, John (his Dad’s youngest brother) and his wife Aunt Fay have a farm of the sweetest and biggest watermelon I have ever tasted and seen. Since 1969, it becomes their tradition every harvest time to throw a feast to the town where they live. All the family, relatives, friends and even strangers that just happen to passed by are welcome to join and grab a slice of watermelon or as much as you can stuffed in your belly and until you give up eating!

People are always looking forward to this event and this is the time too when most of the Bond clan are gathered together and meet those we rarely get to see. A group of band is also there to play music while people enjoy munching their fruit. Photographers are busy taking pictures so they have something to show for the next issue of their town’s newsletter.

It is a fun thing for us to do although it takes long hours to drive up there. But seeing the family is worth the distance traveled. And I cannot wait to see them and taste the watermelon again---and that if time allows us this year!


I just mailed my US citizenship application yesterday. I was supposed to send it 1 week ago but proscratination prevailed. I have been here in US for a little bit more than 4 years but been a legal resident since September 2005. According to one of their qualification, a person can apply for citizenship if you are a Lawful Permanent Resident for at least three years and have been married to and living with the same US citizen for the last three years. Since I am married with the same husband for almost 4 years and will be turning 3 years on my residency, then I fall on the said category and have met the requirements.

I am hoping that the process will go through quicker. They said (and those I knew who had done the same thing), it takes six months to complete the whole procedure if they find your application without any problems especially with all the required initial evidence asked and your eligibility.

The art of a Laser beam.....

Just want to share to all of you these amazing pictures that were sent to me. You will be blown away with these incredible works they did by using laser beams. Enjoy!

My Calorie Calculator

My Calorie Calculator

Do you want to know how many calories you need to have each day in order to maintain, loose or gain weight in a healthy and balance way? Depending on the goal you want to attain, the result will help you guide in getting the desired number of calories needed for your body. So here’s the result of my calorie calculator:

1) I need 1706.8 calories per day to maintain my current weight without exercise.
2) If I reduce my current caloric intake to 1206.8 calories per day, I will lose one pound every week without exercise.
3) If I increase my current caloric intake to 2206.8 calories per day, I will gain one pound pre week.

Exercise and Calorie Needs

If I exercise for 30 minutes each day, I may need to increase my caloric intake to 1893.2 calories each day and still maintain my present weight.

If I exercise for an hour every day, I may need to increase my caloric intake to 2126.10 calories per day to maintain my current weight.

If I exercise for 30 minutes each day, I will be able to reach my goal weight with 1955.1 calories pre day.

And if I exercise for one hour each day, then I will be able to reach my goal weight with 2196.4 calories per day.

The above calorie counts results are an average. It is based according to the information I have provided and the ideal weight I wanted to accomplish.

Try it for yourself if you are planning or working about loosing, gaining or even just maintaining your current weight. Click here Calorie and Nutrition Guide to know your calculation. If you want detailed information about the number of calories you need, you can join for free in Calorie-Count Plus and you will have access to online tools to make the perfect diet.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rice: A Basic Necessity

A meal without rice for Filipinos isn’t called a complete meal at all. When I arrived here in America, the first thing I bought in the store was a bag of rice. “Can’t live without it!” that’s what I told my husband.

Rice plays an essential part in the diet for Filipinos. We only not eat rice during regular mealtime but sometimes we also consider it during merienda (snack) in the mid-afternoon.

Rice is usually plain steamed. Families who don’t have electricity use gas burners or wood or charcoal fires to cook rice. Today, life became easier with rice cooker. Left over rice is usually made into fried rice and serve for breakfast. You can even mix it with different other ingredients like eggs, hotdog or ham. Oh how I miss all those old times when my dad used to make it for us! I also remember using stale rice and turn it into pop rice. We washed it in water and drain. Put it on a flat surface dish or thing so you can spread it out and sit under the sun to dry. Once totally dried up, deep-fry it and walaa! We have something to munch on for snacks.

Common type of rice used in the Philippines is usually white rice. Other kinds available like the brown rice and sticky rice, which is typically used for dessert when prepared with coconut milk and sugarcane syrup.